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Are Camera Phone & Amateur Pictures Not Bringing You the Quality Clientele You Need?

Is the Slow Economy Affecting Your Business?

The Simple Facts:

Camera phone and amateur quality photos simply don't cut it. If you want a strong response from your ads or your website and the phone to keep ringing you need breathtaking studio quality photographs. It is the only way to compete out there.The better the photos, the better the clientele and the better response you will get.

Remember, most of your client's "first impression" last for a mere three seconds. The right photographs will do the job and keep you busy in todays declining market.

It is wise to look at high quality photos as a great business investment. There are far too many girls out there try to market themselves using ineffective amateur images. In today's slow economy it is even more important to have the proper tools at your disposal to rise above the competition. And high quality photographs are your number one tool. If you want to meet a certain level of clientele, you must take the time to invest in yourself.

Here's The Solution Guaranteed to Dramatically Boost Your Business!

David Lace specializes in exceptional glamour, beauty, fantasy and fashion photography for Models and Entertainers. With over 20 years experience as a top fashion/beauty photographer David truly excels at creating stunning, sexy images that make you look your absolute best and dramatically boost your business.

David's lighting, posing and image retouching skills are unequaled. His unique images have been featured on magazine covers, advertisements, numerous fashion and glamour publications and in art galleries worldwide. David shoots exclusively in hi-res digital format utilizing state of the art lighting and camera equipment. His many years of experience in shooting many of the industry's top entertainers assure you a fantastic experience, amazing results and extreme professionalism.

All final images are retouched to magazine quality perfection including tattoo and stretch mark removal, natural enhancements, breast alterations, hair effects, body sculpting, body hair removal, anti-aging, object removal, background editing, skin tone improvement, digital pedicure/manicure, high quality airbrushing, body shape contouring, skin smoothing and more.

Need Discreet Photos? David uses multiple posing and photoshop techniques to bring out your best features while discreetly keeping your identity secret.

If you are looking for something truly different that can help you rise above the competition invest a few minutes to check out this site, Google David's name or check out some of his other websites to see some of the most unique and creative photography that you've seen in quite a while.

Please visit our website at http://DavidLaceStudios.Com

David's Green Screen Magic

For any photo session David can shoot using the latest Chromakey (Green Screen) technology. This technique allows for an infinite selection of backgrounds to be added digitally after the shoot.

This greatly maximizes your valuable session time allowing you to do more poses and wardrobe/prop variations.

Check out some of the low-res animated samples below to get an idea of the possibilities!

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