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Wardrobe Ideas and Sources:

One of our favorite places for glamour and pinup attire is 3 WISHES They offer free shipping and have a great selection of affordable sexy costumes, lingerie, accessories, that are great for glamour sessions. 

David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com

Next up is  Bebe. They have the sexiest and not too expensive shoes out there. Their new line of shoes is awesome too. Check them out locally or online.
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com
Another very popular lingerie store is Frederick's of Hollywood. They always have something new and cool with great prices.
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com
Next is America's most popular department store Macy's. They have a great selection of items perfect for your boudoir pinup shoot.
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com
And of course we can't leave out the lingerie superstore, Victoria's Secret
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com
Want to try something Exciting and Different? You may want to consider a Corset. A little more pricey but certainly worth it for an unequaled classy, vistorian look.  Absolute Corsets and Maya Hansen Corsetry.
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com
David Lace SexyShots Boudoir Studios, Atlanta - DavidLaceSexyShots.Com

Clothing, Props and Ideas

Most people think that glamour photos mean lingerie or nudity. The truth is, you may choose to include anything you want in your session.  The list of things you can wear, bring or do is endless! David will discuss your wardrobe and accessories with you prior to your session.

Here are a few ideas:

Something with class...

    * A fur coat
    * A vest (Leather or Dressy)
    * An evening dress
    * An off the shoulder top
    * Fuzzy sweater
    * Hats and gloves
    * High heels
    * Stockings (various)
    * Sparkly Blouse

Something sexy...

    * Anything fishnet
    * Anything thin or transparent
    * Anything tight
    * Body Stocking
    * Boy Shorts
    * Colorful panties and bra
    * Cutoffs that are too short
    * Lingerie
    * Thigh high stockings with or without garters
    * Thongs or tee backs

Something different...

    * A vest, visor and playing cards
    * Bath Robe
    * Bath Towel
    * Tank shirts that are too short and/or tight
    * Tee shirts with rips or holes
    * Biker shorts
    * Tight shorts
    * Leather Jacket (leather anything really!)
    * Mini Skirt
    * Scarfs (as an outfit!)
    * Silk boxer shorts
    * Something borrowed
    * Something funny
    * That special Halloween costume
    * The school girl outfit
    * The tools of your trade
    * Western hat and boots
    * Workout outfit with dumbbells

Quality Photos take some planning, and your choice in clothing is important. Make sure that your clothing is in good condition. (No holes or tears, that aren't supposed to be there) Tags should be removed from items where they might be visible. They always show through sheer materials, and many non-sheer materials as well.

If you'd like to find lingerie, swimwear or costumes to wear or just get some ideas, check out Yandy.com. They have a huge selection to choose from, great prices and quick shipping.


What should I wear?

The most important thing -- choose outfits that make you feel sexy. A good rule of thumb: Bring something white, something black, and something in a bright color so you can mix and match. A corset will create sexy curves. In addition to lingerie, don't forget shoes, jewelry, and accessories.


I highly recommend using a Professional Makeup Artist. It is well worth the money for the truly fantastic job one can do for you. (You are of course welcome to do your own makeup. If you do choose to use a makeup artist don't foget to allow extra time (30-45 minutes) to have it done! Double that if your having your hair done as well.

Here are some tips if you plan on doing your own makeup:

  • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. Especially if your hair or clothing is black.
  • Use a good quality makeup that works well for photography. MAC is one of the best brands.
  • Avoid frosted lipstick as it shows up very light in photos.
  • Blush and eye makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
  • Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are brought forward.
  • Use a powder-based makeup as oil-based makeup appears shiny, OR
  • Use an application of powder to achieve a matte finish on the skin.

On the day of your shoot, Make it a light meal, so that you feel comfortable during your shoot, but don't forget to EAT! Having a piece of fruit shortly before the shoot will help give you an energy boost, which you'll need as posing for each shot does take some effort. Having a bottle of water on hand during the shoot is a good idea too.
If you feel nervous, you are allowed to have a friend at the shoot. (Boyfriends or husbands are usually not a good idea, but are allowed. A girlfriend or sister is a better choice.)

Try to plan your day out in advance, so that time doesn't ruin your experience: Leave work an hour early; If you have a hair/makeup appointment, book it far enough ahead of your shoot to leave some free time; Leave a little early to get to the appointment; etc. This will help you stay relaxed and stress free for your shoot.

Come to the appointment in loose fitting clothes to reduce the amount of marks on your body. And change into a bath rode or loose button up shirt after you arrive. The marks take some time to leave and may waste some of your shooting time. A button up shirt will help keep your hair and makeup undisturbed too. A clear deodorant is also advised to keep clothes free of marks (and also allow you a better range of poses!)

What planning should I do before my session?

Have your outfits picked out a day or two in advance. Have a couple more outfits ready than you plan on doing. That way if you have a last minute 'wardrobe malfunction' it won't be a problem.

Here are several things that are important when preparing for your photo shoot.

   1. Get a good night's sleep and stay healthy. If you're tired, it will reflect on your face, your overall appearance and your attitude. Try not to stress your body and mind a few days before the shoot. Avoid sweets, salty foods, physical stress and heavy eating! Continue with your daily exercising on a regular basis. Drink fluids sparingly.

   2. Shave or wax your legs and armpits a few days before a session. If you're modeling lingerie, nude or open swimwear, take care of the bikini line. If you shave right before the shoot, the skin irritation will negatively impact the outcome, especially with digital photography.

   3. Your hair. If you need some trimming, a couple of days before the shoot is the right time. Any coloring should be done ahead of time.

   4. If you don't hire a make up artist, put a base makeup before coming to a shoot and don't forget your own make up kit. Don't use any gels or special hair treatments to keep it healthy for the shoot.

   5. Get your outfits and props ready. Avoid bright whites, stripes or any other patterns unless specifically requested. Solid colors are the best choice. Careful with choosing V-necks. Be prepared a day before to avoid last minute runs. Bring the props that match your outfits in color, texture or by theme.



Prior to your shoot put on some body lotion and come to your session wearing clothing that fits loosely or a robe to insure the least amounts of marks on your body. These marks take time to go away and may waste your limited amount of time allocated for the portrait session.

Instead of a pullover, wear a button up shirt so that you won't disturb the makeup and hair when you begin to change for your photo session.

Wear a clear deodorant instead of the white, powdery kind so that your clothes will stay the color they should be.

If you are doing your boudoir session in the winter time and need to work on your tan, a professional spray tan applied at least a day or two before your session works great. Sometimes regular tanning beds can give you red marks on your rear end that you’ll want to avoid. Yikes!

High heels are must bring accessory! Basic black pumps are perfect, but I also love to incorporate thigh high boots into my sessions. If you have those amazing, designer shoes that are impossible to walk in, this is the perfect time to dust them off and get them out of the closet.

Paint your fingernails and toe nails. Yes, they will be seen in the pictures.

It isn’t really necessary to spend lots of money on tons of lingerie before your photo shoot although it is fun:) A nice black bra and panty set works great. White is good too. Boy shorts make everyone look awesome! Remember solid colors without patterns are best.

False eye lashes applied correctly can dramatically enhance your eyes and overall look in these sexy photo shoots. Love them!


MUSIC - Music is great for the perfect photo session ambiance. David always prefers to shoot with music. And having your favorite music playing during your photo shoot is a great way to help you to be relaxed, comfortable, confident and motivated during your session. So be sure to bring a player and some of your favorite music to your session.

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